How To Fix When Spotify Shuffle is Not Random

How To Fix When Spotify Shuffle is Not Random

How To Fix When Spotify Shuffle is Not Random – Imagine when you want to play the songs on Spotify but you find them not in a shuffle, you will realize that you must find the way how to fix when Spotify shuffle is not random. It must be very annoying when the same songs are just playing all over again. Moreover, when you are at work and very busy, you must not have time to change the tracks, you just feel more and more annoyed.

Spotify Shuffle is Not Random

Will you manually change the songs just because Spotify cannot shuffle the songs at random? Oh no, you won’t have to do it. In this article, you will find the way how to fix when Spotify Shuffle is Not Random so that you can enjoy listening to the songs again without feeling annoyed. Check out the ways in the following review:

How To Fix Spotify Shuffle Not Random

1. Sort All Of The Songs by Title

The first way which is also the most popular way you have to try is to sort all of the songs by Title. Since there must be some options provided by Spotify dealing with the way you are sorting the songs, you must try to sort by title instead of By Artist, Customs, and Recently Added.

If your songs are automatically sorted by Recently Added, you need to change it into a title. Here are the steps to do:

  1. Open Spotify and find out “Playlist” to click on.
  2. When you have clicked the “Playlist”, the search bar and “Swipe Down” will appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Find out “3 Lines” in the right of the search bar and click on it.
  4. If you find “Title”, don’t hesitate to click on it as soon as possible.
  5. Lastly, click on the button “Shuffle”.

Done with this? Make yourself sure by listening out the songs and check out whether or not the songs are played randomly. If this trial didn’t work, then you must try the other way below.

2. Use The Spotify Shuffler App

Now you must go this second way of how to fix when Spotify shuffle is not at random if the first way didn’t work. Due to the fact that this id of a problem often appears, there has been developed an application created by 3rd party developers. This application will actually help you to shuffle your songs as randomly as Spotify does. However, you need to open the app every time you want to play the songs from the playlist.

To use the app, what you need to do are:

  1. Head to Spotify Shuffle and log in with the Spotify Credentials you have already owned.
  2. Choose the Playlist that you want to shuffle.
  3. Next is to turn off the shuffle in the app of Spotify.
  4. Listen to the song playlist which has been randomized by the shuffler.

If you want to have a new playlist at random, you must repeat the same way by going to the Spotify shuffle app.

Thus, you will have a new randomly shuffled playlist.

How To Fix When Spotify Shuffle is Not Random

3. Update the Spotify App

The other way of how to fix when Spotify shuffle is not in random you can try is to update the Spotify app. The bad shuffled playlist is probably caused by the poor steps that the app takes to shuffle the playlist. Therefore, you need to update the app to get a new fresh app that can work properly.

The new update means there is a change in the algorithm of the shuffle which allows you to get the playlist shuffled randomly. To update the app, you must lead yourself to download the app and find the newest update. Commonly, it is available in your play store.

However, if you find the Spotify remains the same problem after updating the app, it means that this way isn’t working properly. Go to find the other way below.

4. Wipe the Cache and Re-Install the App

The last suggested way of how to fix when Spotify shuffle is not in random when all other ways are not showing any significant result is to wipe the cache and reinstall the app. This is a necessary step to try. It has been thought that something will change if the app is reinstalled. Thus, you need to try this, too. Now consider the step of wiping the cache below:

  1. Hold down on the app and remove it.
  2. Head to the app store and try to reinstall again. Repeat this step more than once.
  3. Open the app to check out whether the shuffle is random or not.


In conclusion, it maybe takes time to implement the ways of how to fix when Spotify shuffles not random. However, it is better than you just delete the app of Spotify, isn’t it?